About Me

From the stage and music to radio and television, I have produced, presented, performed, written and acted my way along life's long and winding road right up to today.


My association and love of The Theatre Royal Windsor started when I was a young child, on and off stage and I am now a Director of Windsor Theatre Ltd ensuring that the theatre continues within the community for future generations. I first appeared on its stage at the tender age of three in 'The Sleeping Beauty' by John Page with a most youthful Charles Dance as The Prince.


I have appeared in many productions since, including a tour alongside Eric Sykes in the '19th Hole' by Johnny Speight. I also appeared in 'Witness for the Prosecution' at the Theatre Royal, Windsor as Mr Barton QC.

Francis Media is an industry-leading Media Company, operating businesses in Publishing, Interactive and Broadcasting, Radio, Television, News Media and the Theatre.


It is one of the UK's largest and most successful independent creators, producers and distributors of outstanding programmes, productions, new media and radio. From prime time and serial drama, from radio to theatrical production, from entertainment to factual entertainment, our productions continue to excite, challenge, entertain and inspire audiences worldwide.


Having a wealth of experience within the media and business, in addition to providing media commetry to leading news organisations I can provide you with a balanced view from any angle on a one to one consultancy basis for your projects, big or small worldwide. I can also get involved at any stage of a project, no matter what size from providing feasibility studies during the initial stages, through to general and/or detailed design, layout and finished, planning, production, casting, directing, acting and voice tuition, plus provision of full technical design and specifications for all specialist lighting, sound, av, audio visual, video, communications, stage engineering and seating systems.


Whatever your needs, whether it's with the theatre, television, radio or news media, I can assist at BECTU official rates.


I am honoured and privileged to be a Liveryman & Freeman of the City of London & the Worshipful Company of Pewterers and also a Hereditary Scottish Feudal Lord, a Laird.

My three dogs Harley, Freddie and Darcey keep me fit and on my toes. Indeed, I could not imagine my life without dogs in it. I have been very lucky to have dogs in my life from a very young age. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Wouldn't the world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog! Once you have had wonderful dogs, a life without one, is a life diminished...


Life is my religion... to cherish nature, to nurture and teach the young, to help the sick, and those in need... to live, love, enjoy explore, living life to the full and be all I can be!


Enjoy my site, though I will never know you were here unless you leave me a message and let me know your thoughts and comments on Life, the Universe and Everything...


Remember, life is a journey through time! Or, perhaps it's the other way around, that the journey is life through time. I'm not sure yet - I'm still learning. What I do know is that reality and normality are purely the perception of ones own mind in a world that is an ever decreasing circle...




Producer • Writer • Presenter • Actor • Broadcaster • Voiceover Artist • Director, Windsor Theatre Ltd • Director, Francis Media and much more...